Which Public View Monitor Should You Buy 2022 ?

public view monitor

When it comes to choosing the best public view monitor, the best models are UL-rated and have a wide screen resolution. Aigis Mechtronics offers a 19-inch PVM with a 4:3 aspect ratio and a 2.8-11mm varifocal lens. Here are some pros and cons of each. Which one should you buy? Read on for more information. If you’re unsure, ask an expert or shop around online.


PVMSignage Player Public View Monitor

The PVMSignage Player public view monitor is a simple and flexible way to display your security camera footage. The players are designed to work with most PVM Systems and CCTV networks. They can also be installed near a public view monitor of any size. These cameras support both analogue and digital camera footage and are compatible with most H264 streaming protocols. The players are also easy to install, require minimal IT resources and use very little data traffic.

Concept Pro

The Concept Pro public viewing monitor is a great choice if you’re looking for a public view surveillance camera with an LED screen and dual HD cameras. The 32-inch model includes a live viewing AHD camera and an IP camera for connecting to an NVR. The monitor is versatile and can be mounted in several ways. It also offers a USB port for streaming media. And if you need to conceal the monitor, you can even choose a black casing.


A recent report released by IPVM revealed that Chinese security company Hikvision had repeatedly bought influence with former members of Congress. Among them, Barbara Boxer, who was registered to lobby for Hikvision, resigned in January. Hikvision is a Chinese company controlled by the government and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company is still legally available to individual buyers and re-branded under another brand name.

While Hikvision’s motto is “See far, go further,” the company has seemed shortsighted in the face of growing backlash. Its role in Xinjiang camps was exposed as early as 2018, and the company’s role in human rights violations was revealed in 2018. In response, the company issued its first environmental report, in 2019, and admitted that its video surveillance products were involved in the camps. But it was light on detail and heavy on passive voice.

Orion 19PVMV

The ORION 19PVMV public view monitor has many benefits that make it a great choice for commercial security applications. These LCD and LED CCTV monitors are true Commercial Grade and are designed to be continuously operating. They have CCTV PCB boards and circuitry built in, so they provide a solid, LCD solution for security surveillance. Read on to find out why ORION 19PVMV public view monitors are the best choice for commercial security applications.

The 19″ Public View Display is equipped with a WDR camera. It is a great theft deterrent and delivers detailed images with up to 560 TVL. The camera also performs well in low-light environments with minimum illumination of 0.001 lux at f/1.2. It is perfect for day/night surveillance. Listed below are just a few of the features of this 19″ Public View Monitor.

Hikvision DS-D5032FL-C

The Hikvision DS-D5032 FL-C Public View Monitor is a powerful tool that offers a wide range of security monitoring options. It has a wide viewing angle and is characterized by audio and video capabilities, deinterlace and noise reduction, and LED backlight technology. It also boasts a lifetime of stability and reliability. These features make the Hikvision DS-D5032 FL-C Public View Monitor an excellent choice for monitoring security and command scheduling requirements.

The DS-D5032 FL-C has a 3.5mm ultra-narrow panel seam, which is ideal for outdoor installation. It is made of one-piece die-casting aluminum for durability. The Hikvision DS-D5032 FL-C is also equipped with an independent R&D image processor. The HDTV resolution of this display is high enough to monitor both video and audio in a high-resolution manner.

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