Using a Survey Drone in Horizon Forbidden West

Using a survey drone in the forbidden west can be a dangerous endeavor. This is because the area is protected from drones by law, and there are many hazards that can be a threat to your drone. This is why you need to take extra precautions while on your expedition, such as making sure that your drone is well-maintained, and avoiding any areas that are prohibited by law.


Located in the snowy mountains, Graypeak is a Survey Drone. This drone is located near The Slaughterspine Site. The drone is easy to spot, but requires a bit of a challenge.

To get to the drone, you will need to climb to the top of a small rock. This rock has a wooden platform on it, which can be used to climb up to the drone. You can also jump from this platform onto the drone. If you get stuck, you can use ladders to get back to the ground.

Another method to access the drone is to climb to the top of the cliff nearby. There is a wooden platform built midway up the cliff. This wooden platform overlooks the drone area. This makes it easier to find the drone.

Sheerside Mountains

Using a Shieldwing, a player can jump onto a Survey Drone. These are collectables that fly through the sky on predefined paths. They are not missable and can be found in several different locations. A player should be able to collect all ten of these drones. Afterward, they can take their module to the room where Gaia lives at The Base.

Survey Drones are located in several places throughout the game. The first is in the Sheerside Mountains. The drone can be found high in the trees or on a wooden platform. The drone is also located in the Horizon Forbidden West, in the Slaughterspine site, and in Plainsong.

The Sheerside Mountains survey drone can be found just north of The Bulwark. The drone is patrolling the waterfall, the ice bridge, and the Ancient Valuables Chest.


During the game, players will likely pass by Thornmarsh on their way to San Francisco during Faro’s Tomb quest. If you’re looking for a collectable, the Thornmarsh Survey Drone is worth a shot. It’s located east of town, near a rock sign and crossroads that point to Thornmarsh. It’s also near the Long Coast Relic Ruins.

Survey Drones are collectables in Horizon Forbidden West. They are found in a number of locations, including The Stillsands, Plainsong, The Greenswell, The Dry Yearn, and Graypeak. They can be difficult to obtain, but there are two methods to get them. First, you can jump to them from the ground, while second, you can climb to the top of the tree and grapple onto the tree’s pillar.

No Man’s Land

During a war, two groups of Tenakth clans agreed to establish No Man’s Land as a neutral buffer zone. It is a xeric shrubland, surrounded by relics of war, including the derelict chassis of Chariot-line machines.

No Man’s Land is the easternmost region of the Horizon Forbidden West. It is separated from Tenakth Clan Lands and Carja Sundom by an ancient tunnel called Spinebreak. The land is heavily contaminated by Red Blight.

The region is surrounded by a large lake. It contains ruins of Carja outpost from Red Raids. It is only accessible through Spinebreak. It is very difficult to access No Man’s Land.

The first collectible in Horizon Forbidden West is the Survey Drone: No Man’s Land. It is found near Thunderjaw Site in No Man’s Land. The location is about 474 meters southwest of No Man’s Land Relic Ruin.

Isle of Spires

During Horizon Forbidden West, the Survey Drone is a type of collectable. These drones fly around the world of Horizon Forbidden West and are identified by a ‘ping’ sound and beam of light. They are used to collect data and unlock special collection quests. They are only available after the main storyline is completed.

The best way to find survey drones is to scan the skies. They fly in a predetermined path. Each one offers a different experience. Survey drones can be found in various locations in Horizon Forbidden West. There are ten of them. Listed below are their locations, along with a brief description of the best way to catch one.

Survey drones can be found in the northern part of the map. These drones can be found in The Greenswell, the Stillsands, and The Dry Yearn.

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