Tiger Woods struggled with his short game in the opening round of the Open Championship,

Tiger Woods struggled with his short game in the opening round of the Open Championship, according to hole-by-hole updates

Tiger Woods began play at the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews on Thursday in an effort to win his fourth British Open championship.

Tiger Woods Changed My Life. Here’s My Story
Tiger Woods Changed My Life. Here’s My Story

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He is on the field with Matt Fitzpatrick and Max Homa.

The right leg of the 46-year-old, a 15-time major winner, was wounded in a single-car collision in February 2021 and required significant surgery.

He triumphantly returned to the Masters earlier this year after a protracted absence, when he placed 13 over par.

After shooting a 9-over-par round at the PGA Championship at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was a career-worst performance, Woods withdrew from the competition.

Tiger Woods Changed My Life. Here’s My Story

Woods played in the competition and made the cut, however he withdrew due to ailments.

Tiger Woods Changed My Life. Here’s My Story
Tiger Woods Changed My Life. Here’s My Story

Hole 1
On the left side of the fairway, Tiger’s tee ball lands. After hitting his subsequent ball into a rut, he made a double bogey on the par-4 hole.

Hole 2
Once again, Tiger hit some solid shots off the tee that gave him a good opportunity to try and make a birdie. He held out for a par.

Tiger at two: two over

Hole 3
Off the tee, Tiger missed the fairway to the left. He continued to have trouble with his putting by missing the hole with his birdie attempt by five feet. He chooses a bogey instead.

Tiger at three: three over

Hole 4
Tiger begins his drive on the par-4 hole with the driver. The ball travels through the rough before returning to the fairway. He leaves it short despite being 10 feet from the hole and settles for another bogey. Each of his playing mates completes the hole at 1-over par.

Tiger at 4-over after

Hole 5
Tiger finds the fairway on the doable par 5. Although his birdie putt was close to the hole, it missed. He accepts a par since he missed the opportunity to overtake the leaders.

Tiger at five: four over

Hole 6
Tiger once again found the fairway. He hits a lengthy putt for par after reaching the edge of the green with a wedge. He succeeds and plugs the hole. None of the players in the group has scored a birdie yet this round, and they are all intently watching the top of the leaderboard.

Tiger at six: four over

Hole 7
Fans shouting on Tiger’s hole number seven prompted him to immediately into the right-side bunker. His chip ball from around 7 feet for bogey required him to smash out of the bunker and find the fairway before again going off to the right. He missed, and now he’s in serious danger.

Tiger at seven: six over

Hole 8
Tiger’s tee shot at the eighth hole’s 200-yard par 3 provides him a good opportunity to make a birdie. While missing it short, he taps in from two feet for a par.

Tiger at eight: six over

Hole 9
Tiger starts the par-4 ninth hole with a strong shot that lands just a few feet from the green. This is now the second-easiest hole on the opening day, according to the broadcasters. His second shot is on target, leaving him fewer than 10 feet from the hole with a great birdie opportunity. Homa makes the group’s first birdie of the round, and Tiger follows with another. He waves goodbye while grinning broadly.

Tiger at nine: five over

Hole 10
With his first shot on the back nine, Tiger finds the fairway at hole number 10. His second ball is as accurate, putting him a few feet from the hole for another superb birdie opportunity. And Woods has now made two consecutive birdies.

Tiger at 10-over after

Hole 11
Tiger struck his tee shot on target on an additional par 3 and left it around 40 feet from the hole. Any advantage he may have had was immediately lost as he chose another bogey.

Tiger at 11: five over

Hole 12
Tiger hits a long drive off the tee that falls in some deep grass, but he still has a chance to succeed on this par 4. He hits his second shot well, landing a respectable distance from the hole. Tiger’s short game is horribly flawed as he settles for par after missing the birdie opportunity.

Tiger at 12-under: 5-over

Hole 13
Tiger gave this shot a solid run down the fairway with a driving iron and his trademark low-flying stinger, but his ball finally drifted into the rough. So this won’t be enjoyable: With wind and a hard-breaking green, Tiger has a blind shot to the green from an uphill lay in the rough. What may possibly fail? The ball continued to roll after being thrown high into the air and landing in the centre of the green. That will still leave more over 100 feet for the birdie.

Golfweek’s Adam Woodard

After twelve, Tiger is 6-over

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