The Fish Radio Station in Atlanta

The fish radio station in Atlanta is a great place for you to listen to the latest and greatest music. Not only do they have a wide variety of artists, but they also have a very entertaining DJs that can get you up and dancing. It is no wonder that this is one of the most popular stations in the area.

WAGQ Fish Radio Station in Atlanta

The Fish 104.7 is an Atlanta radio station. It airs Christian contemporary music. The station is owned by Salem Media Group and broadcasts from a studio in Glendale, CA. In addition to playing Christian music, the station has a slogan of “Safe for the Whole Family.”

KFSH-FM, formerly WAVQ-FM, is a commercial station licensed to La Mirada, CA. KFSH-FM is a member of the Salem Broadcasting System, which uses the fish moniker for several Christian Contemporary stations. Among other things, the Fish 104.7 brand refers to the ichthys, a fish, that is a symbol of the early Christian church Fish Radio Station in Atlanta.

WGHR, formerly known as Green Hornet Radio, was an Atlanta radio station that played a theme from “Gone with the Wind”. When it was sold to Susquehanna in 1974, it switched to an instrumental pop format Fish Radio Station in Atlanta.

The radio station was moved to a building near the tower in the early ’70s. By 1980, it started playing vocals. Afterward, it moved to a building near West Peachtree Street.

WDOL-FM was a country station. It served Athens, GA, and surrounding towns. WDOL-FM was upgraded to 50,000 watts in the 1970s. It continued to serve country audiences as a co-owned outlet with WDOL-FM.

WAGQ, formerly known as Green Hornet Radio, is a broadcaster based in Athens, GA. In 1989, the station was purchased by Ring Radio, Inc. and became an ABC contemporary network affiliate.

WFSH-FM Fish Radio Station in Atlanta

WFSH-FM the fish is one of the many radio stations in Atlanta, Georgia. The station is one of the smallest in the state, but it packs a punch. Its motto is “safe for the whole family” and they do a good job of delivering on that promise. They have a solid music library, with a mix of contemporary, classical and jazzy tunes, with a few country hits thrown in for good measure.

This is one of the larger cities in the state, so the station is able to maintain a relatively large audience and is often a magnet for visitors from out of town. In 2010, the station had a modest 26,000 listeners and is expected to grow by at least a couple of digits in 2011. As of writing, they are in the midst of a major renovation, which will be completed by the end of summer.

For more information on the station, visit their website. Currently, the station is located in a suburban neighborhood of Atlanta, known as Lakeside. In 2010, they received a small boost in funding from a large financial firm that was looking for a local outlet in the city.

Current format

If you have a smart speaker and are in the market for a new audio device, consider downloading the app called The Fish. This app allows you to listen to 104.7 The Fish, a contemporary Christian radio station located in Atlanta. You can also check out the stream via Alexa or TuneIn.

This station is part of the Salem Broadcasting System, which owns and operates 80 radio stations across the country. Although they do not have a web presence, the company is a big player in the Christian music industry. They have stations in several major markets, including Milwaukee, Illinois, and Los Angeles.

The Fish is also home to several other religious broadcasters, such as WFSH-FM, a Christian contemporary radio station, and WRRD, a 540 AM station aptly named “The Word”. Another religion-related station is Joy, a 1340 AM station in Milwaukee. There is even a 24-hour Contemporary Christian radio station in Milwaukee.

Although it may not be the best station for listening to music, The Fish does have the best radio signal for the area. It is licensed to Athens, Georgia and is owned by Salem Media Group. Despite the fact that it is a commercial station, its content is family friendly and safe for kids to listen to.

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