All Your Burning Telus Wifi Hotspots vs Shaw Questions, Answered

All Your Burning Telus Wifi Hotspots vs Shaw Questions, Answered

I just switched from Shaw after 30 years. The only thing I liked about Shaw was ShawOpen Wi-Fi. How do Telus customers get to open Wi-Fi networks like Shaw’s? The Truth About the Telus Wifi Hotspots vs Shaw Industry

telus wifi hotspots vs shaw
telus wifi hotspots vs shaw

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Telus Wifi Hotspots vs Shaw

TelusDirect is being rolled out slowly. I can see it working in some of the places near me. I think it will happen more often in the next few months.
Telus offers cellular data…. Shaw has nothing to offer, even though a few years ago they bought wireless spectrum. The area covered by cell phones is much bigger than the area covered by Shaw wifi.

TelusDirect is like #ShawOpen, right? Do I see this as a WiFi spot when I’m on the road? and do I use the same login and password to connect to it as I did with Shaw? Telus may have lied to me when they said I’d get all the same features as I did with Shaw. I found out later that there are some surprises, like the fact that I could only watch HD on two of my four HDTVs at the same time when I had Shaw. I might have made a mistake by making the switch now.

TelusDirect is a free service from TELUS that you can use whether or not you have service with them. You need to have Shaw services to use Shawopen. TELUS Mobility is in charge of support, but all you need to get to it is an email address. You only have to enter that email address once a month.

The Optik on the Go does help when there are more TVs than streams in a house. All over Alberta and British Columbia, upgrades are being done to help increase bandwidth and service options.

Several people at telus have told me about this service called TelusDirect, but I keep asking, “Where is it?” Please send me a link to… and so on. I can’t find it on search engines, and I’ve asked 5 chat sessions to just send me a link so I can sign up, if that’s what I need to do. I keep getting transferred and having to explain what I need to the next person, who then tells me to try TelusDirect again. I spent a few hours online and called twice but got no answer either time.

The Telus Wifi Hotspots vs Shaw Industry Is Changing Fast. Here’s How to Keep Pace

When I was with Shaw for 30 years, I could connect to ShawOpen right away and without any trouble. How come it’s so hard to do the same thing with Telus?

telus wifi hotspots vs shaw
telus wifi hotspots vs shaw

A sticker should be on the window of a business or place that has it. Or, if you trust wifi names, you can just scan with your phone’s standard wifi interface.

The Telus Twitter team says that in the coming months, there will be an app. It’s a slow process, and Telus would rather have a big wifi footprint than have people complain that there’s no Telus wifi in some places.

One of our town’s Rotary Clubs wants to work with Telus to create a Wi-Fi mesh in our business district. Telus would take care of the back-end, and the club would build and pay for the infrastructure on-site. So far, they haven’t had much success, but if more people want this service, Telus might look for more partners to help them bring it to more people.

I Cut Telus Wifi Hotspots vs Shaw Out of My Life. Here’s What Happened

I know I’ve had three HD videos playing at once before telus wifi hotspots vs shaw. But if you record more than one station at once, the amount of HD you can use goes down.

With these wireless boxes, it’s so easy to add more screens all over the house. Optik to go lets me add more screens to my iPad. @nleforte, welcome to the forum! Switching from Shaw to Telus didn’t work to turn on your Wi-Fi, but you can undo the change in PC Settings, haha! joking.. @nleforte.. The opposite is true for me. My Internet service provider is They recently sent me an email offering to turn on the Wi-Fi in my “Cell.” I joined, but my Wi-Fi isn’t working.

When I go to Starbucks, A&W, etc., I turn on the Wi-Fi icon, scan the list for Starbucks, find it, tap it, and it shows me the network’s IP address and other information and asks me if I want to connect telus wifi hotspots vs shaw.

When you tap “Ok,” it starts to scan, but then it stops.

When I asked Shaw to fix it, they said it was likely because that Starbucks wasn’t one of the Shaw-Open Wi-Fi hotspots. Same happens in A&W,. Should I get rid of my Shaw.Wi-Fi and switch to Telus? If I do, it might work better. We’d love to hear from you telus wifi hotspots vs shaw.

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