Survey Drone – Isle of Spires in Horizon Forbidden West

Interested in a challenge where you can climb, jump and capture survey drones? The Isle of Spires in Wales is perfect for your next adventure! There are ten survey drones in the area to capture.


Located in Horizon Forbidden West, Isle of Spires is the westernmost region of the known world. It is a sunken city, which lies partially submerged in the sea. The Quen have a settlement there, which they use as a base for their research voyages.

There are several puzzles in Isle of Spires. These puzzles give the player access to the Isle of Spires door, as well as two skill points. The Golden Toucans ornament is another reward that can be obtained.

To obtain the Relic Ruins: Isle of Spires, you will need to gather the three subprograms of GAIA. This will allow you to access the Isle of Spires Relic Ruins, which are scattered over several floors. This is a challenging puzzle that requires a key. During the Faro’s Tomb quest, you can also access the Isle of Spires Relics by boat. During the main storyline, Aloy will travel to Isle of Spires to explore.

The main section of Isle of Spires is located in the central bay of the island. It is overgrown and partially submerged. The area is surrounded by ocean currents, which make it difficult to access from the east.

Climbing challenge

Throughout Horizon Forbidden West, players will find Survey Drones, which are flying around the map. The drones can be captured and brought to the ground, but there’s also a quick climbing challenge. The best way to collect a drone is by using a wooden platform on a nearby cliff.

Survey Drones are easy to find, but you need to keep in mind that there are only ten of them. If you don’t collect them all, you’ll miss out on the Recovered 5 Collectables trophy. These modules are one set of collectibles, which you can keep and deliver all at once or you can return them one by one to the base.

Survey Drones can be found all around the world in Horizon Forbidden West, including the Isle of Spires. Survey Drones are found in various locations, including The Stillsands, Thornmash, and The Greenswell. They can be found on cliffs, near tall dead trees, and in forts. You can also collect Survey Drones from ruins and dead trees.

Jumping to a survey drone

Getting to a Survey Drone island of spires can be a bit tricky. First, you’ll need a mount to get to the island. Next, you’ll need a good route to get there. And finally, you’ll need to be able to collect the drones modules. There are some tricks to finding these modules. Here’s a list of ways to do it.

One of the simplest ways to get to a Survey Drone is to climb a nearby tree. Once you’ve reached the top of the tree, you’ll be able to climb onto a wooden platform. That will allow you to jump onto the Survey Drone. And, because the drone is flying, you won’t have to worry about being hit by arrows or other projectiles.

Another way to get to a Survey Drone is by climbing a nearby building. You’ll want to be careful because you’ll want to grab the module before the drone flies off. You can also climb up a cliff or other structure in the map. You can use climbing ropes to help you climb. You can also grapple up a tree if you need to.

Capturing all 10 survey drones

Getting Survey Drones in Horizon Forbidden West is quite easy. You can find them on the western coastline and in the forest. However, some Survey Drones can only be accessed from certain spots. If you want to capture all of them, then you will need to follow this guide. It will tell you where all of the Survey Drones are.

Survey Drones are a great way to see beautiful sights and experience unique visual effects. They can also be a valuable collectible. To collect them, you will need to be able to fly over walls, which means you will need to purchase the Igniter mount. You can also get a Sunwing mount, which will make the process easier.

Once you have the mount, you can fly over the walls and grab a Survey Drone. You can then bring it back to your Base. The Survey Drone will be able to monitor areas of the map for you, and you can even gather data from it.

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