How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes

Hey dude shoes are great for a good time but it is also important to clean them. You can find a few different ways to do this. The first method is by using a detergent or an anti-bacterial product. These are easy to use and will help get the insoles of your shoes clean. In addition, you can also deodorize them.

Disinfectants are an excellent way to get clean insoles

Insoles are the most important part of any shoe. They absorb sweat and bacteria from your feet. Cleaning them on a regular basis can help them last longer. It also helps them to look and feel better. There are a number of disinfectants available that you can use to clean them.

Using a spray bottle, you can easily spray your insoles. You can also buy a foot odor remover. These sprays are inexpensive and easy to use. However, you should not wear your shoes while the insoles are wet. This will introduce new germs to the shoes.

Another method for cleaning your insoles is using a toothbrush. The brush should be soft to ensure that it won’t damage your shoe’s upper. Brushing your insoles in a circular motion can help remove debris and dirt.

A mixture of vinegar and water can also be used to clean insoles. Vinegar can help to kill the odors in your shoes.

Besides vinegar and water, you can use alcohol. Alcohol is known to dry out the insoles, so be careful when applying this solution.

Alternatively, you can clean your insoles with baking soda. You can either place it in a small container with a lid or in a sachet. After the paste has dried, you can shake the shoes.

Washing machine

When you have a pair of Hey Dude shoes, you will want to keep them in tip-top shape. But did you know that using a washing machine can be harmful to your shoes? This article will tell you how to clean your Hey Dude shoes without putting them in the washer.

The first thing you need to do is remove your shoes from the insoles. You should not wash or dry your shoes in direct sunlight, or in front of a heat source. Heat can ruin the canvas and cause them to shrink.

Once your shoes are dry, you will want to brush them. If you have some time, use a soft-bristled brush to brush out any grime. Be careful not to rub them too hard, or you could damage the shoe.

If you have a bit of time on your hands, you can hand-wash your shoes. Washing them by hand will prevent them from getting damaged, and will also help them retain their color.

When you do decide to use a washing machine, be sure to select the delicate or gentle cycle. Also, use cold water, as hot water can cause damage.

You can also put your Hey Dudes in a mesh bag. This will help them stay out of the water and keep them from becoming dirty.


Keeping Hey Dude shoes clean can help get rid of odor. But it’s also important to be careful when wearing them. If you wear the same pair of shoes every day, it can build up a bad odor. To prevent this, take your shoes out after a while. You can deodorize them between uses as well.

One way to get rid of the odor is to add baking soda. The sodium carbonate in it will absorb the odor. However, you should never put it directly on the shoe. Instead, you can add it to a plastic bag or sachet. This can be left overnight.

Another option is to stuff tea bags into the shoe. Tea is known for its moisture absorption properties. You can also try placing an unusable dryer sheet inside your shoes. Doing this will kill bacteria that causes odor.

Using dryer sheets or a spray made from vinegar and water can also deodorize shoes. You should check that the material is compatible with your shoes.

Leaving your shoes in the freezer can also be a way to deodorize them. Freezing kills bacteria that cause odor. It’s best to avoid leaving them in the freezer for an extended period. Otherwise, you risk damaging them.

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