Bet on Sports With TABtouch

When you bet on sports with TABtouch, you will find that it is easier than ever to bet on multiple events. The website has numerous options, including Cash Out, Same Game Multi, and more. These bets allow you to bet on multiple events on a variety of sports, including NFL, NHL, and soccer. In addition, you can place your bets through any of the many TAB agencies in WA.

Bet on sport with TABtouch

TABtouch offers new features to its customers that make sports betting easier and more enjoyable. These features include Cash Out and Same Game Multi. Customers can place bets on various sports leagues and sports events from all over the world. TABtouch also offers an app for Android and iOS users. The app offers a variety of sports events, including NHL, NFL and soccer games. The service is available at TAB agencies across WA.

Same Game Multi is a unique betting feature that lets you bet on multiple outcomes for one game. With this service, you can place multiple bets on the same event and reap large payouts. Currently, this service is available on selected top-tier sports, but it will be added to more sports in the future.

The TABtouch website is clean and modern. Its highlights stand out against the white background and make it easy to read the listings. The interface is similar to industry standards, with drop-down menus for bet slips, details of upcoming events and different types of sports.

In addition to allowing customers to place bets in real time, TABtouch allows customers to deposit cash by using Visa, MasterCard, B-Pay, PayPal, Apple pay and Electronic Funds Transfers. Customers can choose their maximum bet amount, which is subject to approval by TABtouch. The minimum deposit is $1 for internet betting, and the maximum is $5. The company uses COMODO ECC verification to ensure the safety of customers’ funds.

Place a same game multi bet

With Same Game Multi, you can bet on multiple outcomes within the same game. It’s currently available on a few top-tier sports, but it’s coming soon to more! It’s also worth noting that you cannot remove any selections once you’ve placed them.

The TABtouch interface is easy to navigate, with a colorful highlight that stands out against the white background. It also features two-color listings that make it easier to read listings. The rest of the interface follows the industry standard, with a bet slip and drop-downs for the types of sports available.

Calculate your winnings

With TABtouch, you can place your bets at retail or over the phone and calculate your winnings. The Same Game Multi game allows you to place bets on the same teams and can include any sport. The games are available across all leagues and sports, including NFL, NHL, and soccer. With TABtouch, you can bet on all of your favourite teams and leagues.

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