Armie Hammer is selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands 2022

According to reports, Armie Hammer is selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands 2022

Images Armie Hammer of a poster advertising the concierge services at a Cayman Islands resort offered by alleged sexual abuser and cannibal fetishist Armie Hammer went viral last week. The brochure, which claimed Hammer was the hotel’s exclusive provider of lottery tickets and coupons for discounted deep sea fishing, was, however, allegedly a joke created by his actual friends who work there.

Armie Hammer
According to reports, Armie Hammer is selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands

Will Armie Hammer Survive the Recession?

However, Variety is now claiming that Hammer really has a different profession in the Cayman Islands: marketing timeshares. This is because images that looked to show Hammer working in an office have been circulating online.

He sells timeshares at the resort where he works. He has a cubicle job, a source said Variety. The truth is that he is very broke and is doing odd jobs to pay the bills and support his family. Hammer managed an apartment complex before to taking the present position, according to the source.

Hammer, who is one of the heirs of the famous Hammer fortune, has never been known to be “totally broke.” Although he didn’t start the Arm & Hammer company, his great-grandfather and namesake, Armand Hammer, was wealthy enough to acquire a ton of stock in it simply for laughs. Hammer was also the founder of the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and likely contributed huge the Watergate cover-up. Armie has acted in films such as The Social Network, Call Me By Your Name, and Death on the Nile, which debuted this year and had a $90 million budget.

Hammer is one of those wealthy children who is “very proud” of not accepting family money, despite his movie career collapsing in recent years after allegations of sexual and physical assault and the revelation of his purported cannibal kink sexts. In 2017, he claimed that he had lost a wager to Luca Gadagnino, the director of Call Me By Your Name, and was unable to make good since doing so would “essentially bankrupt” him. He was born and raised in the Cayman Islands, where he presently resides with his two kids and ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers.

There’s certainly rmie Hammer a possibility that this is just another practical joke by Hammer’s friends, but when Entertainment Weekly contacted Hammer’s lawyer, he stated he couldn’t “confirm or reject” this latest allegation.

Attorney Andrew Brettler asked EW in an email armie Hammer, “What’s the narrative here?” He added, “I simply think it’s terrible that, if he is selling timeshares, the media is humiliating him for having a ‘regular job’.”

Working for a job is nothing armie Hammer at all embarrassing, and it’s a big improvement than being a member of what some family friends of the Hammers refer to as “the fortunate sperm club.” However, since Hammer is a well-known movie actor and, most famously, has been accused of rape and assault, there is a natural level of curiosity about what he is doing and who or what he could be consuming.

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