Ag Leader Insight Vs Integra

When comparing Ag Leader Insight vs Integra, you’ll find that there are several issues to consider. The first is Costs. While Integra does charge more than Ag Leader Insight, you’ll save money in the long run. Read on to learn more about the benefits and costs of each.

Issues: ag leader insight vs integra

The Ag Leader Integra is an electronic terminal that can be powered by a standard 110 AC wall outlet. It is also powered by data transfer. These terminals can be used for demonstrations, training and data transfer. However, there are issues that can occur.


While there are many differences between Integra and Ag Leader, they both offer similar features. They are both highly accurate and user friendly. AgLeader is the more advanced of the two and comes with a GPS receiver. It can be mounted in a tractor or sprayer and is very helpful when evaluating yields based on fert treatment and soil type.

The Ag Leader INSIGHT display is integrated with Trimble’s Autopilot system, which allows growers to record all field activities into a single display. The displays also offer automated guidance. The system will be available in August 2004 and can be purchased from a Trimble dealer.

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